Rootkit Agent.adah Anatomy and Executables Carving via Cryptoanalytical Approach

January 30, 2010

PHP/Spy.Bull Cryptanalysis of Encryption used and Threat Analysis

December 27, 2009

Differential Path for SHA-1 with complexity O(2^52)

July 27, 2009

ToDo List for Cryptanalysis/Covert Channels Paper

July 12, 2009

Reversity Speech Done

January 6, 2008


Just finished  Reversity Speech, on EfNet ON Cryptography Applied to Reverse Engineering. (CryptoRev)

Soon Logs and Guide Lines will be published on

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September 17, 2007

Here two intersing sites about MD5 Cracking



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My Next Crypto Work

September 1, 2007

Good Morning,

I’ve compiled my new TODO List, next article will be a relatively deep study on Hash’s Analysis.

My principal scope is to identify a Practical-Conceptual Framework for Hash Analysis

Analysis is intended to give informations about:

  • General Hash’s Architecture
  • Projectual Innovations and/or Old Unsecure Conceptual Adoptions
  • Basical Security Flow Hunting

There are various different Hash Algorithms, that not necessarily uses all the same techniques, so is Difficult to Establish Efficient Comparing Criteria. The principal attempt of this Conceptual Framework is to move the Attention Point to a superior Abstraction Level, able (or supposed to) to allow the comparison between Different Hash Algorithms.

So Framework conceptually will divide the Hash Process into:

  • Preprocessing
  • PostProcessing
  • Compression Function
  • Internal Structures (this will be divided in other SubStructures)

Idea is foundamentally taken from George I. Davida, Jeremy A. Hansen from Center for Cryptography, Computer and Network Security niversity of Wisconsin Works.

My Best Regards