IDA Pro Enhances Hostile Code Analysis Support

October 4, 2008


IDA Pro is really amazing, new IDA ( 5.4 ) will have an innovative support for Hostile Code Analysis, that consists on a Bochs Emulated Debug Environment.

“The next version of IDA will be released with a bochs debugger plugin, and what is nice about is that you will be able to use it easily by just downloading bochs executables and telling IDA where to find it.”

“Finally comes the pe loader, which is a specialized bochs loader, that will read your PE file and create a virtual environment similar to windows environment, trying to mimic basic demands for a PE file (import resolution, SEH, api emulation backed by IDC scripts).”

What to say? is a really great enhancement for Malware Analysis 😉

Here you can watch the first video on Bochs Debugging


Giuseppe ‘Evilcry’ Bonfa’ 🙂