Eeye BinDiffing Trick

February 17, 2008


Around here exist truly intersting tools for Binary Diffing, useful for Vulnerability Research and or Malware Analysis.

The two most famous tools are:

  • Sabre Security BinDiffv2
  • eEye Binary Diffing Suite (EBDS)

The eEye Binary Diffing Suite (EBDS) is a free and open source set of utilities for performing automated binary differential analysis, but has a little problem, seems to be explicitly developed for IDA 5.0, and no other IDA’s versions are supported.

But there is a trick to avoid that an make it working with all IDA’s Versions.

Open with Regedit the following RegKey:


Uninstall\IDA Pro_is1

And change the Key Entry DisplayName with the string IDA Pro Standard v5.0 or IDA Pro Professional v5.0


Happy Diffing! 🙂

See you to the next post.. 🙂