Qt – Adding External Libs to your Project

February 22, 2009


During Qt Development with Qt Creator, emerged the necessity to add more libraries to my project, at the actual state of art Qt Creator does not provides an automated/graphical system to add libraries and since is using GCC is not possible to use #pragma comment(), so we have to modify by hand some files, here how to.

Suppose that you need to add psapi library, first of all locate into project directory Makefile.Debug and Makefile.Release

Open one of the two files (depends on how you need to deploy you program) and locate

LIBS        =        -L”c:\Qt\QtCreator\qt\lib” -lmingw32 -lqtmaind -lQtGuid4 -lQtCored4

now you can easly add your lib

LIBS        =        -L”c:\Qt\QtCreator\qt\lib” -lmingw32 -lqtmaind -lQtGuid4 -lpsapi -lQtCored4

See you to the next post.. 🙂