Various News

October 2, 2007

These are days full of news, good and bad ones 🙂

Bye Bye VirtualBox! Due to several crashes with USB I’ can’t continue tu use VirtualBox, coming back to my dear VMWare ultra Fault Tollerant, old dear VMWare!

Code Development is blocked cause, Notebook Death, but I’ve updated my Todo Code List:

  • Commercial version of FolderProtector, realized in C# using Strong Cryptography and AntiCorruption Checks.
  • MultiSteganer (I think this will be Commercial), realized in C#, will works various file formats. Data Storing will be Protected by a Password frase that Encrypts the content.
  • Free Version of SteganoDetector, based over the previous Tool, but with Forensics Purposes.

Today begins my new work for Investigative Data Recovery Enterprise 🙂 😀

See you to the next post 🙂