Some handy conversion for Qt


Long time since my last post, I’m not dead only extremely busy with work! 🙂

Here a little handy collection of String Formats Conversions from/to Qt:

#ifdef UNICODE

#define QStringToTCHAR(x) (wchar_t*) x.utf16()

#define PQStringToTCHAR(x) (wchar_t*) x->utf16()

#define TCHARToQString(x) QString::fromUtf16((x))

#define TCHARToQStringN(x,y) QString::fromUtf16((x),(y))


#define QStringToTCHAR(x) x.local8Bit().constData()

#define PQStringToTCHAR(x) x->local8Bit().constData()

#define TCHARToQString(x) QString::fromLocal8Bit((x))

#define TCHARToQStringN(x,y) QString::fromLocal8Bit((x),(y))


see you to the next post.. 🙂

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