One Response to MSN Credential Theft –

  1. A H says:

    Thank you for this info! You solved a mistery for me, I thought I was going insane, and that there was a glitch in the matrix…

    I received a message from zopblob, it created a url for me with my name in it like this: and the message was that my son (the name of my son was written) has ordered 4 ounces of legal herbs from a site.

    when I checked the url it directed me to a site selling legal herbs.

    This all happened on a sunday morning when I was extremely hungover, and I got all the messages into my phone, so I had no idea what was going on, and I thought of asking my son, but thanks to you, I know now that my 15 year old son is not smoking legal herbs. (And I hope he is not smoking any other herb either, at least not yet 🙂

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