13 Responses to http://crazy-new-year-party-pics.com – MSN Credential Theft

  1. […] 狠明显,这是一种钓鱼方式,目的是骗取你的账户和密码。凶手已经被人抓出来了,是香港的一个家伙,参考: https://evilcodecave.wordpress.com/2009/01/01/httpcrazy-new-year-party-picscom-msn-credential-theft/。 […]

  2. Leo says:

    Cheers mate, I read the terms and conditions, somthing didnt seem right from the start, the message poped up in MSN messenger today. Im surprised that in this day and age that people still fall for this stuff. Gotta say its not the best start to the New Year.

  3. melines says:


    A friend of mine fell for this one and his computer is infected. Do you know how I can help him get rid of it?

    Happy new year and best wishes for 2009:)

    • evilcodecave says:

      It depends on the king of malware your friend has, he knows the name? if yes post me the name and I’ll release a post with removal informations.

      From this kind of MSN Activities there are no Infectors, only privacy theft, change MSN pwd and no more messages will bore you 🙂

  4. Red62 says:

    Thankfully i knew something was wrong after falling for the last time this happened. 2 of my friends fell for it already, but i just got off with one of them after giving her an aplication to fix/divert the problem.

  5. melines says:

    I have no idea of what kind of malware he has, and I bet he don’t know it either.. But thank you ever so much for replying:)

  6. harrypalmer says:

    Red62 – what app did you use to remove the MSN spammer?

  7. msn list says:

    Thanks for your sorce. it will very safe if you don’t pour password in other website.

    • evilcodecave says:

      Glad to have helped you 🙂
      Remember to change the password of the MSN contact that sends you notices, so you will not
      get these annoing messages 😉


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