Smeels like the Past


It’s Sunday Morning, today allow me to write some non technical stuff, this blog is a container of all my life, 98% tech 2% human.. so I want to flush my empty head this morning, just because flushing in a file taste as more ordered, and order implies clearty..

There are periods in the life that have a well defined smeel, something that is mixed up with many situations, external and internal factors..

Certain months with a precise weather, temperature, wind, sun or rain..but also time situations, works/study that begins or ends, certain people around you..nice or bad mental predispositions and happenings..

All these factors, prints in you a precise life during Smell..

There are in the life, nice parfumes and bad ones..

Today all around me smeels like a black period of my life, full of orrible torturing uncertainty, all smeels like the past sorrow and doom, but it’s only the mind torturing smeel..

Smeel of the past?

Fear that the past could became present, and the future does not exists?

Fear, fear fear, but also hope, a big full of light hope that as an unpleasant partume it will vanish…

or the one that wil vanish will be again my self?

I Hope that this suffucating parfume will be only the Smeel of the Past, and not the crude Reality of the Present..

Lost lost lost.. Burzum’s Draungen picture represents perfectly this parfume..and this uncertain Sunday of another Spring..

See you to the next post.. I promise..a tech one 🙂

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