Response From Safe-Mail Team

Hi There,

Safe-Mail Team kindly replied to my previous Blog Post, here is the complete Reply


I was amazed to read the message from “First 2008 Thoughts from a Paranoid”. What a strange conclusion… is a private company, located in Israel.
There is no connection, there wasn’t and most likely that won’t be any connection between Safe-mail and NSA or any other agency or government (including the Israeli and American).

NSA.SAFE-MAIL.NET is one of the name servers of, just like NSB.SAFE-MAIL.NET.
NSA means: first name server (NS = “name server”, A is the first letter…).
This server, just like most of the servers, is located in one of the servers farm of “Smile Internet Gold”, which is one of the biggest ISPs in Israel.

ALL of the servers are controlled by the team only.
We don’t know/have the users passwords and the users data is strongly encrypted.
I hope that this comment helps to clear this issue.

Have a very best year, team.

My appreciations to the Safe-Mail for the Precisations.

One Response to Response From Safe-Mail Team

  1. Duvar Kagidi says:

    very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

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