Once upon a time..


Its some week that I don’t write on the blog, this not due a lack of time but essentially because I’ve heavly worked on Reversing and Researching about some rootkit, and Vulnerabilities of these drivers.. such as Kernel_Stack_Overflows and relative exploitation, may be some day I’ll publish it, but is not sure.

I’ve also finded a particular vulnerability that afflicts a Microsoft Product, I’ll talk with MS “Security Division” about it and next I’ll release the PoC.

These are also days of heavy coding, the old idea of the Folder Protector, became more complex and changed in DataProtector..or CProtector I’ve to choise a name eheh.. 🙂 These are some of the features:

  • File/Folder Data Protection
  • Random Password Generator
  • Password Manager
  • Encrypted Instant Messenger

Surely I’ll add some feature and finally I’ll release a Free Basical Edition and another Full ($) Edition..
SunOS ICMP Crasher is also ready for the release, I think I’ll release it this friday/saturday.

See you soon, I Hope.. 🙂

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