[VirtualBox] Xp Installation Problems

Today I’ve installed an Xp VM powered by VirtualBox, but initially I’ve encountered a problem that blocked the installation.

As indicated by VBox i’ve choised 192 MB for VM’s Memory, but at the step of NTFS Formattation VBox shuts down with the following error:


So I setted the memory at 125 MB and installation worked fine.

Remember don’t believe to the Indicated Memory Usage 😉

See you to the next post 🙂

4 Responses to [VirtualBox] Xp Installation Problems

  1. ^_^ Me says:

    Unbelieveble O_o with 192 MB memory were low and with 125 MB installation successed? O_o I will not understand never the PC behaviour 😛

    Have a nice day ^_^


  2. evilcodecave says:

    The concept is a bit differen from what you think,

    If we commit 192 MB, for guest machine, that we don’t have, we receive an HostMemoryLow simply because is too many memory requested 🙂

    125 MB, are a good compromise between Host and Guest Machines 😉

  3. ^_^ Me says:


    ^_^ Thank you for this explanation Evil

    You are very kind

    See you soon


  4. Automobile says:

    just passing thru….

    Looking for something else, but nice site. Have an excellent day….

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