VirtualBox 1.5.0 Is Out

VirtualBox 1.5.0 is out!

VirtualBox is a great VirtualMachine, complete of all that you need by a VM, today I’ve tested WinDbg remote debugging, and works great.

With the actual version, major bug fix are apported, as NAT Crash Problem.

VirtualBox can be divided into two levels of encapsulation:

  • Client/Server Architecture: You can control VM with COM/XPCOM APIs
  • Fronted/Backend Architecture: The virtualization is done by VBoxMM.dll

Can be executed Ring3/Ring0 code, and actually support also Intel VT-x (Vanderpool) and AMD-V (SVM) processors, that introduces Hardware Virtualization.

Here you can download latest version: VirtualBox

See You to the Next Post 🙂


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